Genano Air Purifiers
Genano Air PurifiersJanuary 11, 2018Genano air purifiers are designed to continuously recycle and purify indoor air, thus prevent teachers, students and other administrators from contagious diseases (Hand, foot, and mouth disease, Viral Infection, Roseola, Skin infection, Impetigo, Fifth Disease ("Slapped Cheek"), etc.)….Read More
REVAC Expo & Forum 2018
REVAC Expo & Forum 2018January 17, 2018As one of Enviroterm Sdn Bhd’s valued customers we would like to cordially invite you to Southeast Asia’s Premier Refrigeration, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Expo & Forum (REVAC). Read More

Tenaga Expo & Forum 2018
Tenaga Expo & Forum 2018January 17, 2018We at Enviroterm Sdn Bhd would like to warmly invite you to join TENAGA EXPO & FORUM 2018. The showing will be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, from 17th – 19th July 2018. Read More
Ecommerce Opening Sale
Ecommerce Opening SaleApril 9, 2018E-commerce Opening Sale Rotating Vane Anemometers LCA 301 & LCA 501 pricing like no where else Read More

E-commerce Opening Sale on Ventilation Systems Monitoring
E-commerce Opening Sale on Ventilation Systems MonitoringApril 9, 2018The Right Instrument For Ventilation Systems Monitoring   Package A Package B   Download brochure for more details on the productRead More
REVAC Expo & Forum 2018 Recap
REVAC Expo & Forum 2018 RecapAugust 15, 2018We here at Airflow Instruments Sdn Bhd would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our loyal customers and fresh new customers for making our REVAC Expo and Forum a success. Feel free to browse through our product and consider purchasing online with us to save more. For more informatRead More

HVAC Workshop 2020
HVAC Workshop 2020February 25, 2020We at Airflow Instruments Sdn Bhd, would like to cordially invite you to join our HVAC Workshop (Edition 2) 2020 which is organized by our mother company, Enviroterm Sdn Bhd which will be held on 8th April 2020. In this workshop, we will share the topic of ASHRAE 111 – Practices for Testing, ARead More
TSI Ventilation Testing in a Hospital
TSI Ventilation Testing in a HospitalApril 23, 2020Ventilation testing in a hospital allows better control of air movement and potential airborne hazards. We were excited to see a TSI Alnor capture hood helping them do this important work. Click for moreRead More